Top 10 Episodes of the Canadian True Crime Podcast

About Canadian True Crime

Canadian True Crime is researched and narrated by Kristi Lee, an Australian living in Toronto with her husband and children. This is a fairly new podcast as it has only been running since the end of January in 2017. Lee was influenced by the true crime podcast “Casefile,” shown by her focus on cold hard facts about the case by leaving any bias, opinions, and other irrelevant information out of it. This podcast is extremely well researched and Kristi does an amazing job bringing awareness to the cases she covers. Not to mention, Kristi Lee's Australian accent makes it easy to binge the series. What more could you want from a true crime podcast? Here is a link to the official website.


Currently, Canadian True Crime podcast has 36 episodes uploaded to Spotify. However, some cases have multiple parts such as Paul Bernardo, Dellen Millard, Tori Stafford, Robert Pickton, Andrea Giesbrecht and the École Polytechnique Massacre. For this top 10 list, we will count each case that was broken up into multiple parts as one episode.

My top 10 episodes of the Canadian True Crime podcast

In order from upload date

Disclaimer: No disrespect intended to the victims featured in my list nor their families, this is just an opinion of a listener in regards to which episodes are the most interesting to listen to and perhaps research more on your own.


1 Cody Legebokoff - Episode 3

This particular case found a spot on my top 10 list because Cody Legebokoff was only a teenager when he murdered 3 women and a 15 year old girl between 2009-2010 in British Columbia. In the young offenders series of Canadian True Crime, I excluded episodes such as episode 5 “Teen boys who kill” as well as Episode 6 “The Murder of Reena Virk” in favour of Cody Legebokoff because he acted alone in his crimes without being influenced by those around him. Cody Legebokoff is currently serving life in prison without parole.

2 The Murder of Tim Bosma - Episode 7

This case is on the list because Tim Bosma and his wife were simply trying to find their way out of a financial bind, and it cost him his life. In 2013 in Ontario, Tim Bosma fell into some money troubles and his family decided it was best for him to sell his truck. Tim and his wife invited two men who had contacted them through Kijiji, Dellen Millard, also mentioned in 5 separate Canadian True Crime episodes, and Mark Smich to their home to test drive the truck. This was the last night that Tim Bosma was ever seen alive.

3 The Murder of Paula Gallant - Episode 10

This case is featured on my top 10 episodes because Paula Gallant was a beloved grade school teacher who was tragically murdered by asphyxiation and found in the trunk of her own car. She was killed only two days after Christmas in 2005 after she got into an argument with her husband about his debts incurred from an online gambling addiction which turned violent.

4 Shell Lake Massacre - Episode 11

The Shell Lake Massacre is on this top 10 list because it is the largest mass murder in Saskatchewan’s history, occuring on August 15, 1967. Victor Hoffman, an extremely mentally ill man entered the Peterson's home and murdered 9 members of the family, 7 of whom were children.

5 The Murder of Tori Stafford - Episodes 12, 13, 14

This 3 part case is featured because it depicts one of the most brutal crimes throughout the entire series, which inspired people to want to make changes when it comes to missing children in Canada. Taking place on April 8th 2009 in Woodstock, Ontario, 8 year old Tori Stafford was abducted, raped and murdered. There was community uproar about the police department not issuing an amber alert for Tori, but due to specific guidelines needing to be met for the alert to be issued, making exceptions could compromise the integrity of the alert. It was later known that Tori was murdered within hours of her abduction which led to a review of the Amber Alert guidelines.

6 Robert Pickton - Episodes 15, 16, 17, 18

This 4 part case makes the list because of the pure notoriety and heinous acts of Robert Pickton. In the 1980s, Pickton used his occupation as a pig farmer as a way to dispose of his victims by feeding them to his pigs, allowing him to elude law enforcement until his arrest in 2002. His victim count of anywhere up to 49 include “at risk” women from Vancouver British Columbia's downtown east side. Mistakes made by the police department while investigating this case are plentiful and discussed in this podcast episode.

7 Ernest DesRoches - Episode 21

This case is on the list because one of the survivors, Gloria Ellsworth, was permanently disabled as a result of the events on Prince Edward Island in 1974. Gloria Ellsworth and her sister Bernadette, along with their husbands and 4 children all shared this home as they were extremely close. Ernest Desrochers, after learning that the Ellsworth family had called in a complaint that resulted in him going back to jail, entered the Ellsworth family home across the field from his own and gunned them down in an act of revenge.

8 The Murder of Victoria Shachtay - Episode 25

This is on this list because Victoria Shachtay had a life of hardship after becoming pregnant at the young age of 15. While she was pregnant with her daughter, she was in a car accident which left her quadriplegic. Being a handicapped single mother, she knew she had to do whatever she could to provide for her child, so she invested the money she won from her car accident lawsuit. The family friend that was helping Victoria invest her money lost it all over night and in an attempt to hide this transgression, he killed Victoria. Brian Malley murdered her with a rigged pipe bomb that he had disguised as an early Christmas present. Victoria was 23 years old and lived in Innisfail, Alberta at the time of her death. She left behind her 7 year old daughter, Destiny.

9 École Polytechnique Massacre - Episodes 28, 29

The reason why this is on the list is not only because of the extreme tragedy carried out on the Polytechnique students and staff, but because this helped future cases on how to deal with active shooter situations. In 1989 in Quebec, A 25 year old man walked into the post secondary with contempt towards feminism and women as a whole. That day he targeted, shot, and killed 14 women before turning the gun on himself. Many witnesses of this atrocity later took their own lives, unable to live with the trauma they carried from what they saw that day. This case is one of the most tragic in Canadian true crime.

10 The Dexter Killer - Episode 30

This case is on the list for the same reason he is nicknamed the “Dexter Killer;” he cut his victim into multiple pieces and left the body in a sewer. 39 year old Mark Twitchell murdered John Altinger in 2008. I feel a more personal connection to this case because the body of his victim was found just blocks away from my childhood home in Edmonton, Alberta. Mark Twitchell attended the NAIT radio and television program which plays a massive role in his case, as he was an aspiring filmmaker who had previously created a piece where he lures a man into his garage with a fake dating profile of a beautiful blonde and murders him; which is exactly what Mark Twitchell recreated in real life, making this case extremely eerie.